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Are you fighting to get a school place for your child this year? If so, get in touch with this website and tell us your story. Together we have a better chance of winning the fight. Leave a comment on the site, take part in our poll, or email us at



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  1. josie little says:

    Our daughter is 5 in february and is currently still in nursery with all new children all of whom are only 3 years old. we live in a rural part of the town 2 miles from town where the schools are based we are the last house in the town, so we are the last on all the schools reserved lists and as new places are applied for we mover further and further down the lists.

    we were given a school place at the furthest school in the area its situated on a very busy main road and parking is impossible which means at least a 10 minuet walk i work so my husband is responsible for getting her to school. my husband has a sever spinal condition making walking very difficult and painful and has to use 2 crutches the drive to school takes 45 minuets which he obviously has to make prior to taking any medication. our daughter also has an upper limb disability (missing forearm and hand). the walk down the main road to me is extremely dangerous as my husband can not hold on to our daughter when they have to walk round all the parked cars on the pavement and verge. we did appeal but were basically told it is our responsibility to make sure we get her to school. we did approach the school to ask for permission to use the staff car park we were refused. we contacted our local mp and after 6 weeks we received a letter stating that there are more children than places available (as if we didnt know this already!). i dont think the admissions system is flawed just the schools need more money to add more classrooms as they are most definitely need

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