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  1. Dawn Gibson says:

    Dear Mums

    I too am fighting for a school place.

    My daughter is 15 years old and moved from Scotland to stay with her father in Croydon at the end of June. He applied for school at that time, although realistically we didn’t expect to get a place sorted until after the summer holidays. So the holidays came and went and the schools went back and he was told that by the end of the first week the council would know which secondary schools had places. He was then informed that there were no places at any secondary schools in Croydon but that in about 3 weeks time the situation would be resolved. Now after waiting for the 3 weeks, he has been told that there are still no places, there is nothing that can be done about it and that she will remain on a waiting list indefinitely until something becomes available. So we don’t know if she will even get to school this year! I thought that the government had a statutory duty to provide an education for all children but it seems I am wrong! My daughter is miserable sitting at home all day with nothing to do and she is very keen to get to school and make some new friends. Her dad is considering moving to any area around London where she can get to school but Croydon council have told him that most areas are in the same situation. I have contacted the Department for Education and I got a reply telling me there is an appeals process to be followed if I can’t get my child into one of our preferred schools. They are missing the point, while there are some schools we would prefer to others, the issue just now is getting her into any school at all.

    Best Regards
    Dawn Gibson
    Mother of Jade Gibson, aged 15 of East Croydon

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