Tell us about your fight to find a school place

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3 Responses to Tell us about your fight to find a school place

  1. Tara says:

    My son has not been given any of our six choices he was at fitzjohns nursery last year but didn,t get a place in reception which was our first choice, in may the camden admissions team offered him a place at Carlton primary in Kentish Town we refused this as it is to far for us and is not a very nice area or school my parents moved our family out of the cresent over 30 years ago not a very safe place.Anyway appealed on social/medical grounds but we were not sucessful our appeal was heard on the 29th of June and we lost I then put my sons name on a further 8 schools in camden and 1 more in westminister and also have since added him to a free school waiting list in camden in total he is on the list for 16 schools my son is still at home with me and his 16 month old brother it is impossible to teach in my small flat with my younger one and is so stressful we have no outside space I am really trying we have been in the CNJ and the Evening standard I ve written to my MPS and I am in contact with the admissions team to see at what position he is on the waiting list.The only schools with places as of today are Carlton,Argyle,Nettley,Rhyl I wonder why?All not do able for myself and my 2 sons we can not afford to move and I can not afford the extra £ 130 per month on fares to get to any of those schools. My son says ” he hates camden council” what 5 year says that ? Very upsetting for the whole family.

    • Sylvia Gauthereau says:

      Have you tried to contact neighbouring Boroughs. I am in Brent, there are only two I was told with reception places. Not the best schools as you can imagine. Over in Westminster, I was told there were short waiting lists at Paddington Green and Wilbeforce and free school Ark Artwood. I haven’t got through Barnet as their staff were on training…Good luck

  2. botzarelli says:

    There are some astonishing stories on here and I’m glad that my son managed to get a place at the primary school across the road from us. However, might it not be worthwhile to have an option on the poll of “yes, at one of my preferred schools”?

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