Seren’s story

My family and I have lived in Haringey since 2007 and my daughter Seren, who’s four-years-old, should have started school in reception in September 2011. We applied late to Haringey for a place because we were living abroad for 18months, but we did get our application in to the LEA in early May 2011. Haringey has never even acknowledged our application and, apart from responding to a complaint, had not been in touch with us at all. We have no offer of a place, my daughter has no school to go to. As a family we try not to discuss it in front of her, but she is all too aware of the situation. She explained it in great detail to her six-year-old cousin while they were playing. Her cousin declared it was outrageous and they should write a letter. We have written to the LEA, our MP, local councillor and the Local Gvt Ombudsman. We are awaiting the outcome of a complaint.

While everyone we know is excited about new uniforms, new routines, new friends and the pleasure of a new school, we are left in limbo, in a situation that has no clear end and no promise of a place at any time.

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